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Poalei Agudat Israel Bank was established about fifty years ago and today functions as a branch of FIBI. Most of the private and business customers come from the religious sector, which is interested in receiving services according to their lifestyle. The general conduct of Bank Poalei Agudat Israel is carried out while taking into consideration the cultural characteristics of the customers and recognizing the differences in the population. See for further editorial

The small size of the Poalei Agudat Israel Bank, compared to other banks, and the unique niche to which it relates are what enable it to operate successfully and with great flexibility vis-à-vis the public it serves. This is especially important when one considers the unique lifestyle of the Haredi population in terms of current income, employment habits, family size, and more.

At the same time, it is worth mentioning that the fact that PAGI is part of a large financial body such as the First International Group provides stability and security to both customers and employees of the Bank. Wide.

Business loan tracks

Business loan tracks


Most of the business loan routes are available at the International branches, of which PAGI is a part, but credit can often be taken from the PAGI branch.

  • Personalized business loan – This is a particularly flexible credit track where the customer can choose the times when he returns the loan, change it if necessary, and even update the amounts of money he can repay at any time. The additional advantages of the track are the receipt of the loan without the need for collateral or guarantors on the part of the borrower, exemption from commissions, and the early repayment is made without any additional payments. The credit is immediately available online and the account is credited within a very short period of time (subject to approval by the credit department).
    The maximum amount of business credit in this channel is NIS 150,000, while the longest repayment period can be extended up to seven years. The other terms will be presented at the time of filing the loan application on the PAGI or FIBI website.
  • Direct Business Credit – The above track is available on the PAGI and FIBI website or at the branch in a very fast manner. According to the route’s definitions, there is no need at all for evenings or collateral, and the customer of course chooses the amount that suits him best (the bank will approve the loan only after examining the borrower’s characteristics). The amount of the loan that can be taken up to NIS 150,000 will be transferred immediately after receiving the approval.
  • A business loan for purchasing a vehicle – this option, like the others, is available mainly at the international branches. There are two main tracks for financing a vehicle purchase through a business loan – a crane track and a regular track. If we refer to the regular track, the customer receives credit at a maximum of 80% of the value of the vehicle, up to a period of five years. The second channel, on the other hand, is dependent on the expense of equity of about NIS 30,000 by the customer, with the rest of the money coming from the bank by bridge loan and other available loan tracks.

We at the Help Center for Business have set a goal to link potential business borrowers with financial entities that offer the most attractive loan pathways in the market. Since the credit market in Israel is developing rapidly, it is important to conduct a thorough market survey before a final decision, in order to reduce costs and waive unnecessary items.

If you wish to take business credit soon, we can refer you to experienced professionals who will be able to offer you the optimal channels for you . All you need to do is fill in your contact details on this page and we promise to contact you as soon as possible.


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