Month: March 2019

How to Make an Effective Cash Flow Statement

  Basic knowledge about matters related to accounting and recording financial transactions are a prerequisite for successful management. Knowing what is happening to the company’s capital and keeping all the information organized is extremely important when the goal is to have a healthy and growing business. for an assessment From this, the cash flow […]

Corporate Credit Card – Business Plans

Corporate Credit Card is an invention that gives you extended financial liquidity for 57 days, and is an alternative to the limit in your account. What does this mean in practice? This is the time when we can use the granted credit card limit with a deferred payment date without interest costs. You must pay […]

10 Steps to Develop Your Own Business | Business Loans

    Do you often ask me how to develop my own business? The question is so extensive that every entrepreneur would find a different answer. Below I will describe my subjective advice, let me know in a comment which of them inspire you the most. An assessment at I have been running my […]